Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2!

Today was the second day of the internship, and I can safely say this will be a great summer! All the interns met for our daily meeting and we made preparations for our first cookout tomorrow at lunch (I will bring the burgers)

Afterwards, I went to the classroom in which I will be working and settled in. My workplace is quite spacious and has an outlet so I should work very efficiently there this summer. I spent the morning reading through some chapters of a textbook that Dr. Kartaltepe gave me while I took notes on it. Just the first chapter has already drastically expanded my knowledge about galaxies and their formations.

The interns and I had lunch together in the meeting room. It was a relaxing break. I then met with Dr. Kartaltepe and introduced myself to a college student who is working on developing the same app as me but for Android (opposed to iPhone). We will likely work together in the near future. I spent the rest of the afternoon brainstorming ideas for the app, setting up the programming project in Xcode, and playing around with images of galaxies on DS9 and STIFF.

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