Friday, July 8, 2016

First Friday

This was the first Friday of the internship. As usual, the day began with the intern meeting at 8:45 in the Reading Room. Most of the meeting was spent discussing what we would do if it rained during our cookout (we did not look keenly upon playing volleyball in the mud).

After the meeting, I went down to my usual workplace to work on the iPhone app. Two undergraduates, named Noah and Dale, work in the same room as me so I always have some company. Before lunch, I made progress on learning how to link the motion of an object on the screen to data from the accelerometer.

At the cookout, most of the interns were initially apprehensive about cooking on the grill because most of us had never grilled before. However, Allyse took charge and started working on the burgers. I ended up eating a lot of good food, drinking a little too much soda, and having fun on the volleyball court (the rain cleared up).

In the afternoon, I continued to work on the app, creating an outline for it and setting up the navigation between pages. I also figured out how to have the environment surrounding the main object move so that the object could remain fixed in the center of the screen.

Overall, I was very productive today despite the long lunch. I look forward to the next cookout!

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