Monday, July 11, 2016

First Monday

At the intern meeting this morning, each intern gave a short explanation of the research they would be doing this summer. We also convinced Allyse that Monday was too soon to be planning what we should all bring for the cookout on Friday.

After the meeting, I went downstairs to continue working on the app. Three new students arrived in the morning and will be working in the classroom where I work. Despite the larger number of people, we all remained focused throughout the day.

I made progress on developing the movement control system and the UITableViewController in the app. Then, I met with Dr. Kartaltepe in her office so that we could touch base. We decided to meet tomorrow again to try out STIFF and see if we could learn how to make pretty color images from black and white images of galaxies that we have.

For lunch, the other interns and I ate in a new corner of the building we found. The area is near large windows and has nice round tables with plush chairs, so I think we will eat there from now on.

In the afternoon, I moved my movement control code from my testing project into the main project I will use for developing the final app. I also created a UIImageView in which I can easily display photos.

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