Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12

This morning, we heard more from Mr. Callens about the field trip that we are going on later this summer. Since the observatory is unavailable due to scheduling conflicts, we will go to the Eastman Museum to take a private tour of the facility and see special archives.

The interns and I also decided that we would all walk to Global Village every Thursday to grab lunch. I think this is a great idea because it will give us more time to get to know each other. Plus, the food at Global Village is amazing!

Regarding the app, today I worked on creating an animated background to be used in all the non-game pages of the app. My goal was to develop a background that looked like moving stars. To do this, I chose to create hundreds on tiny, white subviews resembling stars and place them on a nearly black superview. I had the stars move at different speeds across the screen and made the slow moving stars more translucent. This created an illusion of depth.

After lunch, I redesigned the button layout and appearance on the menu screen to make it look visually appealing. Then, I implemented a navigation controller so that the user can easily move between pages of the app. However, the navigation bar is also present on the game page which looks bad and covers up too much of the screen. I will have to modify it so that the game page looks nicer and the bar does not interfere with gameplay.

Dr. Kartaltepe and I decided not to meet today because she was only available after 4 and I was attending a lecture at 4. We will meet tomorrow to go over how to use STIFF. The lecture, given by Dr. Roger Dube, was part of a series on entrepreneurship and I found it quite interesting. He discussed prototyping, alpha tests, and beta tests, granting me new insight into how products are first created.

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