Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14

During the morning meeting today, we all decided to meet at 11:30 so we could head to Global Village together for lunch. Unfortunately, Zihao had forgotten we were getting lunch together and brought his own lunch. Bob Callens surprised us all at the meeting by bringing in Wegman's donuts. Since we could not eat them all, we wrote "Intern Experiment. Caution!" on the box containing the remaining donuts. We will have to see how effective the message is.

After the meeting, I spent some time finishing the chapter in The Essential Cosmic Perspective about space beyond the Milky Way. The last section of the chapter was most interesting as it pertained to supermassive black holes and quasars, both of which I have been extremely curious about for years. I learned that since we cannot actually see black holes, the only way we can determine if they exist is to examine the motion of objects surrounding locations where we think black holes might be.

At 11:30, the other interns and I met up and walked to lunch. We had planned on going to Crossroads because we had not eaten there yet, but it was closed so we resorted to Salsarita's. I love burritos so I didn't mind as much as some of the others.

In the afternoon, I figured out how to add thumbnail images to the TableView in the gallery page. Now the user can see a preview of the image that will appear if they select a certain cell. I also made some aesthetic changes to the page where the photos from the gallery are displayed. It now matches the space theme of the rest of the app.

Additionally, I developed a way to ensure that none of the objects in the game overlap. I can now chose to spawn any number of objects in random locations and still be confident that none of them will overlap.

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