Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15

Today I was met with a mix of good and bad news. I'll start with the bad. This morning, I wrote code to make objects in the game be evenly distributed when they are randomly spawned in. Before implementing this code, there was a much higher density of objects in the center of the view. This was because my method for randomly spawning in objects had been to use randomly chosen polar coordinate, since the view was a circle. However, I had forgotten to take into account the fact that the density of objects must be higher for a larger distance from the center. To fix this, I used rectangular coordinates instead and eliminated any points that fell outside the circle.

While I was testing the results of the new code, I discovered a bug in the movement control system. After starting about four new games, the movement control suddenly becomes delayed. This was surprising because I thought that I had finished my work with the movement control system. I will work on this bug over the weekend so hopefully my blog on Monday will contain an explanation of how I fixed it.

The good news was that the plans for the field trip to the Eastman Museum have been finalized. The trip will take place July 28th, and some other students from the center besides the high school interns will also attend. Additionally, Mr. Callens told us today at the morning intern meeting that there will be a "Bring Your Friend to Work Day" on August 2nd. Each of the interns are encouraged to bring a friend who is interested in science with them into work. I will have a hard time deciding who to bring because many of my friends fit the bill.

Today was also our weekly cookout. This week, we decided to grill hot dogs instead of burgers. After a small delay in getting the fire going, Nate and I were fairly successful at grilling some delicious hot dogs. Allyse was kind enough to bring in two cartons of ice cream for us all to enjoy.

By either tonight or tomorrow, I will have posted my draft for the abstract that each intern is supposed to write by Monday.

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