Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18

The morning began a little differently than usual. Instead of meeting in the Reading Room, we went up a floor to Bob's office where we read over everyone's abstracts. There were all extremely good, and each one was met with kind, constructive criticism from the group. There main issue with mine is that it is too long (the longest one) and has too much "fluff". I will have to cut it down and reorganize it.

After the meeting, I worked on putting actual images of galaxies and gas clouds into the game to replace the placeholder images. I also had two goals regarding the table view in the gallery. One was to change the table so that each cell displays its own thumbnail image instead of all the cells showing the same image. The other goal was for a specific image to be displayed on the photo display page when its corresponding cell is tapped. I was successful at making each cell have its own thumbnail image, but I did not completely finish the second goal.

In the afternoon, I met with Dr. Kartaltepe to discuss how to proceed with the app and how to use STIFF configuration files. She showed me that I could save the configuration file in TextEdit and that changes I make to the file in TextEdit are read by STIFF when it is run. This way, I can easily change parameters such as color saturation and gamma values to adjust the outcome of the tiff image that STIFF produces. We then looked at an outline of what the game should ultimately be able to do. I learned that the outcome of the game will be heavily reliant on decisions the user makes throughout the game and that a major part of the game will be the many different types of mergers that can occur.

For the rest of the afternoon, I continued to look over the outline and planned out how to proceed with programming the app. Dr. Kartaltepe also provided me with some images of galaxies that are larger than the ones I have been using. These new images are much better for trying out STIFF because I can see the adjustments I make more easily because the images are not as pixelated.

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