Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21

Nothing particularly unusual happened today. I am inclined to agree with Emily that it is sometimes difficult to find inspiration for our blogs. During today's morning meeting, the topic of discussion was "what was the worst thing that happened at your school this year?" To be honest, I was quite stumped by the question because nothing especially bad happened at our school, and after hearing some of the other intern's stories, anything I could come up with felt utterly inadequate.

After the meeting, I met with Dr. Kartaltepe to go over some more questions I had. First, we went over the 20 tiff images I had created using STIFF and the configuration file. Some of the images had turned out very nicely, but others were very red. We looked through the documentation to see if there were some more functions that we could add to the configuration file to fix the problem, but we could not find any. I will have to continue adjusting the values in the file until the images come out better. Then, we discussed questions I had regarding the app and the decision tree Dr. Kartaltepe had sent me earlier that week. One of my main questions was how the gas level of the user galaxy should be determined. I learned that the gas level percentage is calculated by looking at how much of the galaxy's total mass is gas.

For lunch today the interns and I carried out our tradition of going to Global Village every Thursday. We tried to go to Crossroads again, but unfortunately they were still closed. Next week we are going on a field trip on Thursday so Crossroads will have to wait another two weeks. Instead, we decided to head over to the Student Alumni Union which had one of the best burgers I have had in a long time (not better than the ones the Nathan and I have grilled at the cookouts of course).

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