Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22

Another Friday, another cookout. Today we were met with surprise at the morning meeting when Zihao arrived carrying what was without a doubt the largest, most colossal watermelon I have ever seen in my life. He described it as weighing 20 tons, and I could almost believe him (it was closer to 20 pounds which is still quite hefty). Bob spoke to us about the field trip next week and reminded us that our outlines are due a week from today.

Today, I also continued work on the model of the app. In the programming world, code for apps is generally broken down into two or three categories. Basically, there is the code that deals with the user interface of the app, and there is code that deals with handling data. The code that handles data and does not deal with the user interface is called the model. For this app, the model includes classes whose objects represent galaxies and universes. Today I worked on developing the model that deals with merges between galaxies. I have to write a function that will merge two galaxy objects and change their properties accordingly.

At lunch, Nathan and I grilled the best burgers that Walmart has to offer. They turned out very nicely except for one that slipped between the grate and fell in the coals. Nathan wanted to eat it anyways but we all insisted that doing so would not be the best for his health. Zihao and I struggled to find a knife suitable for cutting his massive watermelon, ultimately deciding to use a simple plastic knife. The knife worked out okay until it snapped in my hands. Luckily, Cecilia remembered that she had a swiss army knife. Mady then insisted that she try cutting the watermelon, which, having been fed up with the hard fruit, I was fine with. Volleyball today was more difficult than usual considering only Nathan, Zihao, and I played. Emily was present on the court but only to watch while she sipped Minute Maid.

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