Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25

The end of July is already fast approaching. This means I only have three and a half weeks left to work on my final presentation. Although this fact is quite frightening, I think the pressure that it places on me will help me focus on my work in the upcoming weeks.

This morning, Bob explained in a little more detail what the plan for Thursday is. We will meet in the lobby of the CIS building at 9:30 before we head over to the Eastman Museum for our 10 o'clock tour. As I said last week, since we are stopping to eat lunch at Amiel's, we will not go to Crossroads this week (so sad).

For the rest of the day, I spent my time working on the model of the app. Currently, my main task is to obtain galaxy property data such as star formation rate, stellar mass, total mass, and gas level so that I can create a proper classification system for the galaxies. Once I set guidelines for each galaxy type, the merge function will essentially be complete. All that will remain is making regression formulas for me to use to calculate what the values of the star formation rate (and some other properties) will be after a merge. I am going to meet with Dr. Kartaltepe tomorrow afternoon because she is away on a trip today. I hope she can give me the data I need and answer some more questions I have.

Lunch was an embarrassing event for all the interns. Mady and Maria wanted us all to do something more engaging and active than what we usually do at lunch (sit around with our phones out). We decided to play a board game and selected trivial pursuit. How innocent we were, thinking that we were smart enough to succeed at the game. Little did we know that the game was in fact 90's Trivial Pursuit, so we were actually clueless. After the first round, my dream of starting a competitive team was already crushed.

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