Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 26

For the first time, I was the last one to arrive for the morning meeting. My dad made it quite clear that he did not want me waking up past 7:15 again. I was still on time though, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bob brought us donuts again. Joe Pow was also there, so each of the interns gave a brief summary of what they had recently been working on. We then talked about the plan for Thursday's field trip.

Afterwards, I continued my work on the model of the app and played around with the stiff configuration file for a bit. I have begun to implement an "interact" function in addition to the "merge" function I have already made. This will allow the user to interact with other galaxies, changing the user galaxy properties to a lesser degree than if the galaxies merged. Also, I decided to try downloading the "experiment" images but in a new wavelength. I used the images of the new wavelength instead of the images I had been using for the blue wavelength. Now, the color images are much less pink and the galaxies have a warm red glow. The images look much more similar to other images of space I have seen.

At lunch, we debated whether or not to play Trivial Pursuit again. I pointed out that we really didn't know a thing about the 90's, so playing again probably would not be the most fun thing to do. Instead, we ended up debating about which Pokemon movie was best and we watched several Youtube videos on the topic.

In the afternoon, I met with Dr. Kartaltepe so I could have some of my questions answered. The meeting was very productive and helpful. I found out that the way I was currently creating all the non-user galaxies was actually not what she had in mind, but luckily, I had previously created code that did what she wanted. Also, I came up with a way to allow the user to chose between interacting with, merging with, or avoiding other galaxies while keeping gameplay smooth.

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