Friday, July 29, 2016

July 28

For the first time ever, this day did not begin with a morning intern meeting! Instead, we all met up at 9:30 in the lobby before heading onto the bus. I actually arrived at 8:45 so I could do some work. We went to the Eastman Museum, which was not very far away, and began our trip with a 10 o'clock tour of one of the photography exhibits. I got to see one of the Lunar orbiter cameras (although this one did not actually go to space)! The tour of the exhibit was very informative and it made me reconsider my perspective on how photos persuade and affect us.

After the first tour, we were given a private tour of the conservation labs by an assistant conservator. He explained the many techniques and processes that conservators perform in order to maintain the quality of old photos and repair damaged ones. Overall, the trip to the Eastman Museum was very informative and I learned that a lot more work goes into taking care of photos than I thought.

On the way back to RIT, we stopped for lunch at Amiel's. There, I faced the toughest decision of the summer: should I get a large or a jumbo sub? Nathan was set on a jumbo, so I decided it was okay for me to get one since I was not the only one. The sub was very delicious, especially because of the cajun seasoning.

When I got back, I started to work on a function to make the user galaxy evolve on its own without merging or interacting with other galaxies or objects. Its properties change on its own because when stars form, they use up gas. Therefore, the gas mass decreases while the stellar mass increases. The star formation rate is dependent of the gas mass, so as the gas mass decreases the star formation rate also decreases. I worked on implementing a function that took all of this into account. Tomorrow, I will meet with Dr. Kartaltepe so I can ask her questions regarding what values are appropriate for the galaxy properties and what all the galaxy categories are.

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