Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29

Today started out pretty rough. I woke up late, through no fault of my alarm which I slept through, so I was in a rush to get ready. I think I showed, got dressed, packed, and ate faster than I ever had before, so I ended up leaving on time. However, a few miles into the drive to RIT, I realized that in my rush I had forgotten to pack the Kielbasa. I had to hurry back home, pack the meat, and drive back out again. Luckily, I arrived just on time, but it was still too close for comfort.

Before lunch, I spent time enhancing images using STIFF again. I already downloaded all the ".v" files so I was able to make warmer, redder versions of all the color images. Next, I selected an image that had a variety of objects in it and then proceeded to make more than 70 different versions of it. I went through all the parameters in the configuration file, going through a wide range of values for each one, so I could learn exactly what each one did. Then I combined the changes in the parameters to try and get the best result.

At the cookout, although we did not have a massive watermelon to deal with, grilling the Kielbasa and Italian sausages proved to be enough of a challenge. Since I had never made Kielbasa on a grill (I usually just pan fry it), I had to improvise and cut it into large pieces. Ultimately, it turned out alright and everyone agreed that it was quite tasty.

In the afternoon, Dr. Kartaltepe and I met. First, we went over the STIFF images which I had organized into folders named after each parameter. We decided which parameters would be useful in enhancing the images and how to use them together. Next, I showed her some print outs of code that I had created to get her approval on how I was implementing the merge, interact, and starburst functions. We also looked through an article that had a star formation rate formula that was exactly what I needed for my code. Also, Dr. Kartaltepe will hopefully create a chart for me that has all the galaxy and space object types as well as the property ranges for each type.

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