Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1

The first day of August means that the summer is officially more than half way over, and that there are about two weeks left of this internship. Both of these thoughts sadden me. Anyways, for the first day of the month, this was a very average day. At the morning meeting, Bob reminded us that tomorrow is the "Bring a Friend to Work" day. I will have to see if any of my friends can make it. Unfortunately, most of them have jobs so the outlook is not good. I think tomorrow will still be fun as long as the other interns bring some friends.

After the meeting, I pretty much worked on the app for the rest of the day. Dr. Kartaltepe is at a conference so I will not be able to meet with her for a while. However, she said if I have any questions I should email her, and if needed, we can have a Skype meeting.

Over the weekend, I worked on various aspects of the app. One thing I did was implement a pause and resume capability into the game. It was actually harder to do than I thought it would be because I had to make sure that pressing pause stopped both the function that updates the user galaxy's properties and the function that updates the user galaxy's position based on the user's movement of the phone. Stopping the second function proved to be the more difficult task, and I continued to work on it today. Also, I worked on putting labels on the game screen that displayed the values of the user galaxy's properties. I tried to do this a few weeks ago, but back then I had not set up the model which made the task impossible. Now that I have implemented most of the model, many user interface issues can be fixed.

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