Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3

Today was probably the most packed day of the internship so far. To be honest, in the morning I had forgotten about most of the things I had to do today, so I was not at all expecting today to be so hectic. First, right after our morning meeting, all the interns and Bob walked to the RIT library where we met with a librarian in the bibliography lab. There, she taught us about how to find good databases for research papers and how to best use them. Unfortunately, because of the nature of my project, the databases that were available at the library did not have anything that fit my needs. I usually just use a website called StackOverflow to find answers to my programming questions. On this website, programmers post questions and samples of their code, and then others in the programming community post their answers.

After the trip to the library, I had only about an hour and a half of time to work on the app before lunch. I decided to spend the time trying to create code that will call the merge function when the user galaxy collides with another galaxy within the game. I realized that I will have to create something called a "Dictionary". A Dictionary is a swift tool that can be used to store an object as well as an associated property. This will be necessary in order to complete my task.

Later, after stuffing myself with pizza and soda, the other interns and I attended the lunch talk of the week. This week, the speaker was from the Remote Sensing lab, so it was the first time we listened to a speaker from that lab. He talked to us about the strange, unusual properties of Lake Kivu in Africa. Incredibly, there is 20 billion dollars worth of natural gas stored at the bottom of the lake. The gas is dangerous though because if the right geological conditions are met, a lot of carbon dioxide and methane could rush to the top of the lake and suffocate the surrounding urban areas.

In the afternoon, I continued my work on the Dictionary until 3:30 when I went up to the Reading Room to get ready to watch the Dark Knight with the rest of the interns. We brought popcorn and had some sodas left over from the lunch talk. I had bought the movie on my laptop, so I connected my laptop to a projector Bob loaned us. The movie was extremely good, and Heath Ledger did an incredible job as the Joker. We did not finish the movie though because it is so long, so we will have to keep watching it another day.

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