Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4

Today was Thursday, which usually would have meant that all the interns would go to Global Village to grab lunch. However, most of us were very busy so we ended up staying in the Reading Room and watch the Dark Knight for half an hour while eating.

The rest of the day was just an average work day. Tomorrow everyone's revised abstract and titles are due, so this morning I look over my abstract and made many changes to it. It is much shorter now and does not have any fluff. Tomorrow I will come up with my title. Regarding the app, today I linked the collision of sprites in the game to the merger function in the Galaxy class. Now, when the user collides with other galaxies, the galaxies merge and the user galaxy's properties change. I also added another table view controller that will have links to websites on it. This one will have to do with providing information about RIT and the other contributors to the project.

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