Friday, August 5, 2016

August 5

Today was not a typical Friday. For the first time ever, we did not have our morning meeting at 8:45 because today was the undergraduate research symposium. Several interns and I got here early, around 8:00, and went to the free continental breakfast that was held at the start of the symposium. For lunch, we all attended the keynote speech and enjoyed our complimentary sandwiches, cookies, and fruit. Although there were many talks and poster presentations available for me to attend throughout the day, since I was very busy with the app and abstract, I only attended the lunch talk.

I completed my abstract and came up with my title, which is "Reaching Out to the Public with an iPhone App". I sent them both to Dr. Kartaltepe so I she could give me some feedback. After implementing her tips into the abstract, I sent it off to Mr. Callens. Today, I also added over ten links to the RIT information table so now there are a lot more websites for users to check out. For the app, I fixed a bug that was causing all the other galaxies to spawn in the corners of the screen. Now they spawn in random locations just outside the visible screen. Additionally, I tried to fix the pause button so that the user galaxy does not jump forward after pressing resume. I thought I figured it out, but it still does not work, so I will have to keep working on it over the weekend.

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