Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9

Today I simply continued to work on finishing my list of programming task to be done by Friday. First, set up a new notification (a tool used in Swift), so now the galaxy property labels are updated when the user galaxy merges with another galaxy. I also met with Dr. Kartaltepe at 8:00 in the morning over Skype because she is still at a conference. We went over my outline again and I asked her some questions about the galaxy types she sent me yesterday. She also sent me the original proposal for the app development project which will be very helpful in creating my presentation. The proposal clearly explains what the purpose of the app should be and why we want to make it, both of which are topics I am going to cover at the beginning of my presentation. Later, I added a time acceleration slider to the game which allows users to change how quickly time moves along in the game. Now there are only a few more coding tasks for me to complete before Friday.

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