Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bring a Friend to Work Day!

I was not able to find a friend that was available to come to "Bring a Friend to Work" day. Fortunately, most of the other interns were able to, so today was much livelier than usual. Maria brought three sibling, Madi and Allyse brought friends from school, Zihao brought two friends who actually did this internship last summer, Cece brought her younger brother, and Emily brought her younger sister. After meeting in the reading room, we all went upstairs to Bob's room to peer review our outlines. I don't know why, but waiting to get my outline peer reviewed was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. However, everyone seemed to think my outline was very good and details. The main concern about it was that it may be too long (which I worried about), so I will have to condense it. Also, Mr. Pow told me to test that my embedded video demo of the app will run properly on his computer ahead of time so that there are no surprises on the day of the presentation.

After the peer review, I went to do some work on the app. Dr. Kartaltepe emailed me and said that she is trying to get me the data I need as soon as possible. Until then, I will work on fixing any bugs and on developing the user interface as much as I can.

At 11:30, the interns and their guests all went to Salsarita's with Bob. He treated us to lunch which was very kind. I got a burrito bowl for the first time, and I think I like them better than burritos and quesadillas, mainly because they are easier to eat. When we got back to the center, we all stayed outside to play some volleyball and frisbee. For the first time, the volleyball game had points that lasted more than a few seconds thanks to the fact that we had twice as many people to cover the court.

In the afternoon, we all gathered in the reading room to relax a bit and cool down from the heat. Some of us started drawing pictures of famous people on the whiteboard which quickly turned into Pictionary. Afterwards, I continued to work on developing the user interface of the app and the gallery. I made it so that there is a text view on the more information box that pops up when the user taps the button "More Information". Now, each image can have custom descriptions.

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