Monday, August 8, 2016

The start of the last full week!

The last full week has begun! This means it is officially crunch time. My final presentation is next Wednesday morning, but all the interns have to have their presentations ready by Friday because we are doing a dry run of all the presentations on Friday afternoon. Today I came up with a list of all the programming ideas that I would like to implement into the app by Friday, and which ones I want to implement by next Wednesday. I spent all day working on this list, taking a very short lunch break.

One of the major accomplishments of the day was finding many beautiful images of galaxies from the Hubble website and putting them into the gallery. Now the gallery is much larger and it essentially ready for the presentation. Many of the images may not be used in the final app, but they are good for getting the point of the gallery across to the presentation audience. Furthermore, Dr. Kartaltepe gave me some data regarding the three major types of galaxies in the app. I changed my code to incorporate these types, which was very simple because I have designed the code to be easily changed and built upon. Lastly, I finished the function that determines the types of the other galaxies that spawn in. Now, the probability of a certain type of galaxy spawning in changes as the universe ages. Once we have the actual numbers, we just need to replace the placeholder values with them.

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